Flash Flood at Hilly Areas of North India

Its been in news since last couple of days, how natural disaster took on lives in most parts of Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh in Northern India. People obviate it to be a cause of nature or Planets are not in right mood might some astrologers say.
My question is: Is it really a cause of nature ? Are we (human beings) not responsible for anything ?

Why we are not able to predict such high rainfall which happens to be a cause of this catastrophic natural event? Possibly because of Global Warming, which is our gift to Nature or ultimately ourselves, warm air holds more moisture and leads to unpredictable weather conditions. Also glaciers are melting at an enormous rate, which again is the matter of concern. To forecast, probably we need high technological systems and equipments to predict these forecasts, which certainly will take at-least a decade to get installed. Thanks to our Government.

Our continuous and sincere efforts to degrade land is not enough for this natural calamities? Deforestation in these regions of Northern India are no less moving forward than disseminating of Cricketer Srisanth on Facebook. Plants, despite of indefinite benefits it give, one of them is oxygen, the foremost element necessary for living, another in above respect is to slow the motion of water chthonically, and we are depleting trees for our comforts without giving a single thought of its consequences. Its deep rooted roots belittle the force of water and also prevents soil erosion and as a result it might have saved many lives if not all.

Who is responsible for washing away of many buildings alongside river ? Government is expected to spread awareness about natural events, safety measures, in addition to laws for forbiddance on constructing building river side or on deforestation in hilly areas. But our government is not taking responsibility on any of them besides showing how much it has spent on the devastation or how much it is in debt etc..

To summarize, It is our duty to refrain from promoting Global Warming. Its time for the Government to look deeper into the education system and make sure that everyone gets primary education and should organize events on awareness periodically. Also new laws on construction of building in hilly areas is need of the hour. Schools should encourage on Plantation and make students aware of its necessity and let its students actively participate in such events.

Above all, we human beings are primary cause to all such natural events but bearers are all living beings.


First but not Worst

Me: This is my first blog!
Inner Voice: What!!! No body gonna look at it.

Me: If not Today then Tomorrow 🙂
Inner Voice: Haven’t you heard Tomorrow Never Comes.

Me: Tomorrow becomes Today, tomorrow.
Inner Voice: Hmm. OK. Lets see!

Here it Goes-

It was 5 AM I was thinking about the catastrophic condition of employment. Yes you read it right! It was 5 in the morning. Questions were arising in my mind like who creates employment ? They are companies Organization institutions government who creates major part of employment. When they create employment ? If there is a requirement to click off some task/work or toiling which needs more folks then existing, it leads to employment. When rate of employment will increase ? If there is more development elaboration growth, better policies reforms acts schemes, education, etc etc.

What! Did I said Education to be a reason for increased rate of Employment ?
Lets take an aspect of Education- It teach us the benefits of cleanliness, proper disposal of wastage, keeping surroundings clean. Now if people becomes self aware and not dirtying the place, environment, choosing not to allow others to clean own dirt. Are we cutting job of sweeper ? Janitor ? cleaner ?

Is Education diminishing employment rate in one aspect ?